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Monthly Screenings

Initiated in May 2011, with the presentation documentary Restrepo in remembrance of war journalist & photographer Tim Hetherington - who was killed in April 2011 while reporting from the fights in Misrata and Libya – the Monthly Screenings Project fulfils the Foundation's mission of furthering worldwide peace through the support of cinematographic works.

Since 2011, the Cinema for Peace Foundation has held screenings in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Barcelona and as well as in Africa and Russia. We believe that it is not only important to simply screen a film, but follow each screening with a discussion. Experts and organizations related to the respective subject of the films are often invited.

In order to inform and educate communities around the world, such films are supported and made widely accessible through the Foundation in an effort to raise awareness about global issues.

All of our screenings are free and open to the public.

Screening  in the Middle East.

Screening in the Middle East.