We are here to encourage greater awareness of global social, political and humanitarian challenges of our time through film.


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 “Let me applaud Cinema for Peace. Every time you and our friends from the creative community reach out to help people to learn about human rights and justice, you help the United Nations to keep the peace.” - Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations



Films Honored by Cinema for Peace 

Moving pictures shape our perception of reality. In our visual age, the role of the film artist is crucial in influencing our views and action. Cinema for Peace highlights the responsibility of the world of film and media.

War, terrorism and humanitarian catastrophes are sad realities in many parts of the world, and since our perception of this world is so fundamentally shaped by the media and by pictures, it is clear that film has a particularly important role to play.

No other medium has such a direct impact on the consciousness and emotions of the people and consequently, filmmakers have particular responsibility in our global society.

Cinema for Peace Foundation is constantly looking for valuable movies that deal with social, political and environmental/green issues in a valuable way. Therefore, we review all kinds of films throughout the year.


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