UN Security Council On Sexual Violence

Trailer: On her Shoulders by Alexandria Bombach - Nadia Murad's story as an ISIS sex slavery survivor.

United Nations: In 2018, Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege jointly won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to stop the use of sexual violence in warfare. The film “On Her Shoulders” by Alexandria Bombach, which talks about Nadia Murad’s story as an ISIS sex slavery survivor, was nominated for the Women Empowerment Film Award at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2019. 

This week, UN Special Envoy and the co-founder of Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative Angelina Jolie and the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas campaigns together through a joint op-ed in the Washington Post prior to the special UN Security Council. Despite earlier resolutions by the United Nations regarding sexual exploitation in conflict, “impunity is still the norm”, the article points out. The article calls for better monitoring to gather evidences of sexual crimes and increased support to survivors of sexual violence. 

Under the presidency of Germany, the UN Security Council adopted the resolution proposed by Heiko Maas on rape in conflict zones.  Cinema for Peace supported the 2008 resolution with UNIFEM and Nicole Kidman against sexual violence in conflict. In 2012, Cinema for Peace introduced Angelina Jolie to the German foreign office and initiated a media workshop with the International Criminal Court on sexual violence in conflict after honouring the film „In the Land of Blood and Honey“ by Jolie, who got 130 UN members to sign the resolution. 

Cinema for Peace will continue to contribute to this fight through film screenings. Belgian filmmakers Femke van Velzen and Ilse van Velzen have educated soldiers in Congo before through their film and were able to reduce sexual violence enormously. Unfortunately it lacks the implementation of national laws and criminal justice. 

Dr. Denis Mukwege: "We must shift shame from victim to rapist"

Trailer: In the Land of Blood and Honey by Angelina Jolie

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