School Film Screenings and Film Catalogue

Initiated and first presented by former President of Russia, and long-time Cinema for Peace supporter, Mikhail Gorbachev, in Berlin, Germany, November 2009, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the Cinema for Peace School Film Catalogue project endeavors to inspire and further students’ critical engagement, broaden their horizons, and facilitate and support discussions over difficult topics.

This is achieved by providing schools and students the opportunity to participate in private or public screenings of carefully selected short films, feature films, or documentaries – on pertinent current humanitarian, political and environmental topics – with subsequent panel discussions by experts and/or filmmakers, as well as by offering them the possibility to partake in film workshops and short film competitions.


School Film Screenings


We invite school groups to the movies with pre and post screening discussions, in round-table form, with either an expert or an individual who was involved in the making of the film, as an integral part of the experience. Through this experience, we provide students with the opportunity to process what they have seen and then to directly discuss it. Furthermore, the visit to the cinema itself offers students a change in scenery, allowing them to utilize the full potential of the medium of film by receiving a full sensory experience.


On the occasion of different holidays we offer special screenings which specifically treat the holiday’s topic, but have thus fixed dates for which schools can inscribe themselves. Those special screenings are as well followed by a panel discussion with experts in order to enable students to gain a more profound and thorough understanding of the conception of each holiday. The screenings will always take place at 11am. For more information about the special screenings and the holidays we have selected, please view the following schedule.


Film Catalogue

For the 2018, school year  the Cinema for Peace Foundation invites all schools in Berlin to free film screenings of carefully selected movies in order to develop students' media competencies and to tackle difficult political, humanitarian and/or environmental issues in a discussion with experts.

With the intention of expanding the project’s accessibility to international youth, the current platform is a research tool for both German students and teachers that engenders a critical approach and examination to social issues through the medium of film, initiating discussion and encouraging youth to make their own contributions to the positive shaping of the world.

A unique feature that emphasizes the significance of this catalogue is the topical nature of the films that are offered. Not only do we offer our audience films, some of which are otherwise not available in Germany, however, constantly updated, the School Film Catalogue contains new films covering relevant subject matter, with a special selection of films on current conflicts. Furthermore, the Cinema for Peace Foundation developed the green choice for the School Film Catalogue, and included films on agriculture, world food problems, environmental policy and the increase of plastic.

The School Film Catalogue, and all the subjects it addresses, are available to all schools in Germany, free of charge.